really sound English (translations)

Please me don’t misunderstand.
Misunderstand me don’t please.
Misunderstand me please don’t.
Don’t miss understand me please.
Please don’t misunderstand me.

Your reputation is as good as your word

That’s why we’ve developed a new service supported by branding experts who are proven writers and experienced linguists. We’re not translators though we speak your language, but we’re people who can make your marketing messages really sound when they stray from the comfort zone of your mother tongue.

You’d expect bad language to damage your reputation. Yet every day, there are businesses who invest good marketing money to reach potential overseas buyers, only to discourage them with the very words they use in their promotional materials.

Translation is all about extending the welcome. Brochures, newsletters, editorial and websites either fully or partially translated into the mother tongue of your target market have the potential to show would-be buyers just how much you care. Speaking their language – even as a good will gesture – can nurture trust and understanding and win the sale.

Or at least that’s the theory…

The most important thing about writing is that your customers can read it and understand it – without question, without hesitation, without even acknowledging that there are words on the page.

Because when words work, they become your positive messages. When they don’t quite fit, they distract and have a negative impact on anything you are trying to say. 

If your customers can’t understand your call to action, how can they bring you business?

Brands are built on words and pictures.