support through PR

Our well-targeted words and directions can help your news stories find their way into the right media to support your business and its products or services. We also have expertise in developing media tool kits.

PR can be cost effective way to disseminate your message and deserves to be an integral part of any marketing mix. The role of advocacy should not be underrated: third party endorsements deliver depth and credibility.

We’ll ask the right questions to secure the right story

And if there isn’t one this time around, Xtrahead will tell you. That way, none of us wastes any time – your media contacts included. We believe that our press releases tick all the boxes, when we work with you to establish the content and comment which end-readers will ultimately want to see. We discuss the appropriate media channels for the story and offer support and guidance on handling any ensuing enquiries.

We’ll go to town (or country) on your products

Some product portfolios or development stories just lend themselves to magazine features. We specialise in writing well-researched and very readable articles, Q & As and promotional pieces for people, places and events. Xtrahead is a regular contributor and commissioned monthly writer for quality regional media.

Or you can put your words in our mouth

Xtrahead does not pretend to be a PR agency, although we’ve clocked up plenty of useful experience in media relations over the years. We are used to being ‘out there’, fronting an organisation and recognise that the organisations which we work with might find it useful at times to tap into this skill base. Our experience includes organising photo-calls, presenting products at media workshops and press conferences and organising and hosting press trips for UK and overseas press visitors.