brand development

Is your brand at the heart of everything you do?
Is marketing just the sparkly topping or recognised as an integral part of the way you do business?

Every contact point with your customers and stakeholders is an opportunity. From contracts to corporate clothing, standard ads to stickered samples, packaging to portfolios, the way you leave your mark on these communications need only be subtle to be effective. The key is in the consistency and relevance of the messaging.

Words do it. Logos do it. Design does it. So too does intelligent use of a set of complementing signature images. At Xtrahead our work is testimony to the power of individual marketing elements coming together in a co-ordinated, brand-building  approach.

When it comes to the crunch…

We may ask difficult questions, but we believe you’ll thank us for it. Sometimes, it is really worthwhile to step back and see which way the cookie crumbles.

We’ll want to understand your brand  – and to be convinced that you understand it too – in order to build on it in our marketing communications for you. We can help consolidate what is there, roll it out further, or reassess it with you, refine or redraw it to ensure that everything works hard across your target markets.

As marketing architects, we’ll help strengthen or build really solid foundations. So that our future communications for you work overtime.

What’s more we’ll arm you with examples and templates and the appropriate brand tools, so that marketing your business can become a natural and very straightforward daily part of what you do.