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Xtrahead is your one-stop shop for affordable marketing in Suffolk & East Anglia

With over 30 years’ experience in marketing, Lindsay Want works with small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups in East Anglia, England and Europe as their ‘Xtrahead’, delivering affordable, friendly, switched-on support across all aspects of traditional and digital marketing.

We compose compelling, concise and effective words which work hard and get your business messages across. We can create great content for print and web – and provide images, PR support and even help you think outside the box on product development too.

Specialists in Suffolk heritage, leisure and tourism marketing

Our one-stop marketing shop offer is appreciated by clients from a wide range of business sectors, particularly by SMEs who appreciate a personal, part-of-the-team approach.

But we really come into our element with Suffolk and East Anglia-based attractions, wedding and event venues, destinations, accommodations and all sorts of  heritage sites from churches to stately homes.

We are cultural tourism specialists, passionate about Suffolk and East Anglia, who are excited, enthusiastic, inspired and forever adding to their already in-depth knowledge and understanding.     


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Copy writing services and more: including promotional and sales copy; web writing and digital media; writing for PR/ press / media; corporate communications; revision of text which has been translated into English / translation into English.  Find out more »

Marketing services: including branding and campaigns; hands-on marketing support; consultancy and product development.  Find out more »

Digital, social, pictorial services: including website build/ development; getting Google on side; bespoke photography, illustration and mapping. Find out more »