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At Xtrahead we’re real busy bees. Our marketing services are many, but we’ve got a particular reputation for having a way with words.

Whether you’ve got a call centre service, a cabbage, a holiday experience, a wind turbine or fibre optic cable to bring to market, Xtrahead can work with you to co-ordinate compelling copy right across your business.  We can ensure that all your communications – be they targeted at trade, consumers, stakeholders or the media – are consistent, audience-focused and effective.

We write in English both for UK and overseas clients, but are increasingly able to help source support for your communications in other languages too in order to protect your brand and reputation through the right choice of words. Find out more >>

Promotional copy

Perhaps the most recognisable breed of marketing copy, we can make this as subtle or as brazenly thought-provoking as your market requires – or as you feel comfortable with when building the image and reputation of your business.

We believe that we display considerable skill and agility across a wide range of marketing-communications styles and on- and off-line promotional formats including brochures and flyers; websites, social and new media; ads and advertorial; direct mail and newsletters; product information materials and case studies.

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Corporate communications

The title might sound a bit grand, but it’s a mightily important area; certainly the valuable advocacy role of internal communications can get overlooked in busy companies across both the private and public sectors.
This is the headline stuff that gets internal and external audiences understanding the company thinking, buying-in and taking ownership as appropriate and nurturing a great ambassadors all round amidst stakeholders, employees and third parties. Here we’re talking things like updates, reports, year books, service tool kits, case studies and award submissions.

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Web writing & digital media

Xtrahead can distill your offering into the right bite-size bits for comfortable digestion via the web.

There’s so much more to a website than meets the eye. But then again, things can be relatively straight forward when content is well planned and you understand the likely grazing patterns of audiences – and Google spiders…

Depending on your needs, we can support our website writing with additional search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise as appropriate.

The Xtrahead web writing offer includes: web pages and blogs; newsletters and updates; scripts for online video snapshots; even plans and writing for the occasional bit of tweeting or company facebook presence

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Writing for the media

We’re good at finding the media hook and we’re straight-talking too.

Xtrahead is skilled in compiling effective press releases and is a regular contributor and commissioned monthly feature writer for quality regional media. We don’t offer the full service of a PR agency, but our experience across PR activities is broad and helpful.

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Brand development campaigns & marketing support

Brand titles, product names, strap lines, campaign lines, body copy… words simply don’t work in isolation. They scream out to be part of an integrated marketing solution. Think Asda or Mars: little words come with a colourful entourage of shapes, colours, subconscious tag lines and understood offerings and values.

Xtrahead thinks in concepts and strategies. It thinks up words, but always in a context. It thinks about potential and most importantly about your purse-strings.

Any marketing investment needs solid foundations; Xtrahead is a very competent marketing architect.

What’s more, we won’t just walk away when the structure is in place: we’re very happy to stay on board as a brand guardian or campaign developer, offering continued hands-on marketing support.

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Consultancy & product development

Are new ideas feasible? How might new products fit? What’s a good way to extend my product portfolio? Can you just tell me how to…?

We get asked the questions and customers come to us through word of mouth referrals looking for help. We have sought-after expertise in Cultural Tourism.

We’re delighted to join project teams, undertake one-off commissions, or offer ongoing support in developing services and products where you think – and we feel – we are appropriately qualified.

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